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Via WIRED THE FRANTIC PHONE calls to the Community Water Center began in the summer of 2014. In the 7,000-strong unincorporated community of East Porterville, nestled against California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, homeowners’ wells were failing amid a historic drought. Folks were hauling water from their workplaces or from agricultural wells. Parents were sending their kids to […]

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Machines that suck CO₂ from the AIR

pretty cool, via ARS – When you spill a drink, you don’t say, “Oh well, the only thing we can do is spill fewer drinks in the future.” You grab a towel. So there’s also a natural attraction to the idea that we should develop a towel that can remove CO2from the atmosphere. That isn’t as […]

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Harvesting Water

low tech followup, via Verge – The Earth is 70 percent water, but almost all of that liquid is seawater us humans can’t drink. Already, California is besieged by drought, while citizens in South Africa’s Cape Town try to push back Day Zero, the day the city runs out of water. As our population grows and temperatures rise, the […]

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You’re moving into WHAT?

WAMO Studio is converting Taos Cow’s industrial walk-in freezer to its new office/studio.  The 550 square foot space will be a fun conversion project for architect, Vahid Mojarrab who enjoys urban infill projects as well as recycling and reinventing the defunct and underutilized spaces around us.

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