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Located in the Nevada desert, Michael Heizer’s Double Negative is 6.4 miles away from Moapa Valley. Double Negative is 50ft deep trench that is taken out from the corner of the mesa. This land art has unique features that can be experienced by entering, and can be viewed from above. In this project mesa is […]

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The Race to Save Arctic Cities

via CityLab – In Russia, buildings are sagging and crumbling. In Greenland, a wildfire broke out last year. And in Alaska, entire villages may be relocated because the land upon which they’re built is no long trustworthy.  All across the North, the very ground is changing, and the buildings and roads built upon the thawing permafrost are […]

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NASA Spacecrafts

Beachcombing and the Design Process

This morning I was remembering some of my favorite finds on the beach when I was a kid.  One was a baby abalone shell, only about an inch on the long side.  Another was a large conical shell that was uncommon for our beaches in Southern California.  Both finds filled me with exhilaration; finding a […]

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