VolksHouse 3

The Next Generation of Passive House

After building several certified passive houses, WAMO Studio is beginning construction of the first panelized passive house in the Southwest.  One of the objectives in designing this house in a more traditional Southwest style is to demonstrate that the Passive House science of construction does not dictate style or materials for buildings; the standard can be achieved in any style and with everyday construction materials.  The panel system for VolksHouse 2 is designed using traditional wood construction common in the United States.  After construction, it is our intent to make the plan available at low cost so it can be used by others to build this house at a reasonable cost.  WAMO will be available at a nominal fee to make minor design modifications (i.e. exterior style, site conditions) to customize the home for our clients.  This house also utilizes a passive method of water conservation.  Passive House systems have helped us achieve up to 90% energy conservation in heating and cooling our buildings; we’re striving for similar numbers in water conservation.

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