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Summit Preparatory School

The new girls’ dorm and conference center for Summit Preparatory School in Kalispell, Montana is situated a steep south facing sloped hill. WAMO Studio has designed this building to the Passive House standard. This building sets a new model for high school dormitory design in both social student life and low-carbon footprint

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NY Passive House Apartments

We’re making progress on the 10 story Passive House building in Manhattan.  The program has changed a bit.  We’re hoping to have more update soon.  Here is a snapshot of the project.

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VolksHouse 3

Here is the glimpse of our next Passivehouse project, Volkshouse 3, in Flagstaff, Arizona. This project will be 6 rental units about 10 minutes south of downtown Flagstaff. The walls and floors, including the installation of the windows, will be manufactured off-site to Passivehouse standards and using certified components. This project is aiming to be […]

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Volks House 2.0 makes its way past weather delays!

After weather delays, we’re back on Volks House 2.0. This is our next Passive House in the series of Volkshouses. We have completed the retaining walls as the site has quite bit of slope! The retaining walls are located outside of the thermal envelope to eliminate any thermal bridges.

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The Next Generation of Passive House

VolksHouse 3 The Next Generation of Passive House After building several certified passive houses, WAMO Studio is beginning construction of the first panelized passive house in the Southwest.  One of the objectives in designing this house in a more traditional Southwest style is to demonstrate that the Passive House science of construction does not dictate […]

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Passive House New Mexico

Since May 2012 a group of dedicated Passive House professionals and enthusiasts have been gathering to discuss the creation of a New Mexico Passive House group or organization that could serve to increase shared educational opportunities and the dissemination of the Passive House Approach. PASSIVE HOUSE NEW MEXICO was launched on July 2015 The primary […]

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WAMO 1st Place Winner – Multi-family Passivehouse

2013 Design Competition Winner and the Highest Scored Project In conjunction with the competitive low income housing tax credit round, MFA conducts an independently juried design competition.  Projects selected by the design competition jury are awarded additional Project Selection Criteria points in accordance with the 2013 Qualified Allocation Plan.  While recognizing the good design cannot […]

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