Desert House - Private Residence Arizona, USA



The house described is a 3300-square-foot residence designed to embrace the scenic beauty of the Sonoran Desert and the valley it overlooks. The client’s primary objective was to create an open and well-lit home that maximizes the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Positioned in a corner of the property, the house seamlessly connects the interior and exterior spaces, allowing for a harmonious relationship with nature. The design achieves this by incorporating frameless windows and minimal frame doors that offer exceptional transparency. This transparent design element allows natural light to flood the interior and provides uninterrupted panoramic views of the desert and the valley beyond.

The floor plan of the house thoughtfully weaves together various elements, including the home itself, courtyards, and the untouched desert, creating a cohesive living experience. By integrating these spaces, the house becomes an extension of the desert environment, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

The choice of materials and colors contributes to the house’s integration with its surroundings. A natural palette is utilized, using materials that complement the desert landscape. Stone walls, reflecting the browns and tans found in the nearby mountains, add a touch of warmth and visual harmony. Additionally, light stucco surfaces throughout the house serve to bounce and amplify the natural light, creating an airy and bright atmosphere.

Overall, this house successfully achieves the client’s goals of openness, ample natural light, and maximized views of the Sonoran Desert and valley below. It harmoniously blends with its environment through its transparent design, skillful incorporation of courtyards, and use of natural materials and colors.

  • Date : Feb 2023
  • Client : Desert House
  • Status : Permiting
  • Location : Arizona, USA