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Grier Residence – La Casa Media Narjana

Grier Residence-La Casa Media Narjana

The Grier residence is an excellent example of sustainable, contemporary and forward-thinking design.  This residence uses the Passive House approach for energy conservation and to achieve site-zero energy consumption.   The building is cutting-edge, environmentally conscious design that shows that construction methods must constantly evolve in order to efficiently counter challenges of both energy efficiency and social responsibility.

A basic pattern of rectangles and triangles contains an ordered structure of regular and irregular forms.  This order interrupts a repetitive linear rhythm creating playful spaces that blur the indoor/outdoor boundary. The building is loosely arranged allowing sunlight multiple opportunities to light and shadow, creating beautiful patterns inside and out.  Despite the small size of the residence, the design succeeds in bringing the landscaping deep into the home, introducing a noticeably airy feel, reinforced by beautiful views from every room.  The outdoor space is designed to offer either an intimate space for residents to enjoy privately or can work as an extension of the entertainment space.

This all-electric, net-zero energy home reaches beyond just net-zero energy consumption.  The high quality of construction components also protects against building damage and improves the sense of comfort.  The high standards proposed for this home will pay for themselves from the outset, as there are immediate and considerable savings in terms of energy costs.