Project details New Town in Papua New Guinea

Emerald City Master Plan

Propose New Town in Papua New Guinea

Our approach to the design for Emerald City is to create a landmark project that addresses the needs and hopes of the people of Papua New Guinea. The long term vision for Emerald City includes housing, hotels, a world-class resort, a clubhouse with restaurants and state-of-the-art athletic facilities, commercial areas, mixed-use development and a medical facility.  Phase I includes a multitude of housing types that will provide homes from extremely affordable prices up to fully custom designed homes.  All are being approached with strong foundational building science so they will be energy efficient, low maintenance and durable.  We are looking at construction methods that will include some pre-fabrication in order to keep costs down. The design aesthetic is simple, contemporary and elegant. We also recommend the use of low impact development (LID) practices.  As this city is being designed from the ground up, we have an opportunity to easily incorporate some LID practices such as using permeable surfaces when possible, landscape design for biological functioning and smart storm water management.  We can prevent many urban water problems before they develop. Papua New Guinea has a wonderful climate and landscape that makes many of these practices quite simple.