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The Painter’s Studio

Paul King Studio

Paul’s studio is a particularly fun project. In this case, the client wanted a simple and elegant solution within a modest budget. The site has a defunct “stable” at the entry and a rambling Santa Fe home already built. We have placed the studio as a link for the existing structures, an organizing element for the entry to the property. It is a simple form: a straightforward shed but elegantly rendered. Exterior cladding is Shou sugi ban (Japanese method of charring wood) and will create beautiful blacks on the outside while the inside will be simple white to serve as the backdrop for the paintings. The entry element is 2×4 members in a wrapping pattern which creates a landing as well as a rest space for viewing the gardens and the skies.

Photos by: Daniel Nadelbach Photography

  • Date : 26.11.2019
  • Client : Paul King
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Santa Fe, NM