Project details Custom residence - Passive House +


16 Amberwood

This house is designed to achieve the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency; in other words, to be a leading example of green and healthy homes in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Dynamic both architecturally and ecologically, this elegant home will use a variety of green building strategies to integrate healthy living while maintaining an outstanding design aesthetic.   Strategies include water catchments systems, the Passive House approach to energy conservation and the highest indoor air quality system available. The system completes 8 air filtration cycles per day, maximizing fresh air indoors and minimizing exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants, thus providing some of the cleanest air possible with today’s technology. The desire for efficiency, durability and minimal site impact.  From a philosophical perspective, these qualities are tremendously important to both WAMO Studio and Dressel Construction.  Passive strategies for near-zero energy consumption include a high-performance building envelope, high-performance exterior doors and windows, and thermal bridge free construction.  The landscape design will include local, indigenous plants and careful consideration to rain and gray water system.