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Enga Hospital Master Plan

Enga Hospital Master Planning & Housing

Laying down the primary design requirements and outlining the operational and design philosophy, physical space characteristics and accommodation standards for Enga Provincial Hospital Residential Parcel.

A schedule of the building types and quantities, will be finalized upon once the review and approval of this document. The total gross meterage target of each product will be determined after review of the initial architectural plans presuming the plans meet the requirements of this document. Building size areas indicated in this document should be respected wherever possible. The gross building area is measured to the exterior finishes of the buildings.

The project is to be a model of an integrated design process, seeking to capitalize on the inherent qualities of the site, environment, and program. The approach to efficient development shall be through the innovative use of common materials, simplification of systems and assemblies, and alignment of design with typical construction sequencing. Our approach to durability shall be through the use of well-aging materials that develop patinas rather than incur traditional maintenance costs. We shall strive to design passive rather then active systems and create harmonious spaces that hold enduring architectural beauty. Aesthetically, our approach shall be to design diverse and flexible public and private spaces where people are comfortable and integrated with their surroundings. The interior design should achieve long years of durability and allow for a flexible and economic approach to redecoration to provide for regular changes in fashion and/or décor scheme.