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Beachcombing and the Design Process

This morning I was remembering some of my favorite finds on the beach when I was a kid.  One was a baby abalone shell, only about an inch on the long side.  Another was a large conical shell that was uncommon for our beaches in Southern California.  Both finds filled me with exhilaration; finding a […]

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Bathers by a River

  • July 1, 2017
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Bathers by a River Text from AIC Interactive Feature Matisse worked on Bathers by a River over the course of at least 8 years. During its long evolution, it became an important vehicle for his methods of modern construction, and its many stages reveal the deep connections with many works made during the 1913–17 period. The idea […]

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The Painter’s Box

The Painter’s Studio: A painter’s studio is a particularly fun project.  In this case, the client wanted a simple and elegant solution within a modest budget.  The site has a defunct “stable” at the entry and a rambling Santa Fe home already built.  We have placed the studio as a link for the existing structures, […]

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NY Passive House Apartments

We’re making progress on the 10 story Passive House building in Manhattan.  The program has changed a bit.  We’re hoping to have more update soon.  Here is a snapshot of the project.

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