The Painter’s Box
A painter’s studio is a particularly fun project.
VolksHouse 3
Here is the glimpse of our next Passivehouse project, Volkshouse 3, in Flagstaff, Arizona.
2016 MFA / LIHTC Project Award
We are pleased to announce that WAMO Studio received the highest score for the 2016 MFA awards for Tierra Montosa.
Summit Preparatory School
We are currently working on a new art wing, music wing and girls’ dormitory for Summit Prep School in Kalispell, Montana
NY Passive House Apartments
We’re making progress on the 10 story Passive House building in Manhattan.  The program has changed a bit.  We’re hoping to have more update soon.  Here is a snapshot of the project.
Passive House Apartments in Taos
Located within a mile of Taos Plaza and the main corridor for shopping and retail is the site for Tierra Montosa; a high quality affordable housing community within the original urban core of historic Taos.
WAMO in New York City
WAMO Studio is designing a ten story Passive House apartment building in Manhattan. The building includes 26 micro-apartments, 350 - 500 sq. ft./unit, with retail on the ground floor and a rooftop terrace as a common amenity for the residents.
The Next Generation of Passive House
After building several certified passive houses, WAMO Studio is beginning construction of the first panelized passive house in the Southwest.
Visiting the site in Papua New Guinea
Vahid visited the site for the Enga Provincial Hospital in Papua New Guinea; a tremendously exciting project! WAMO Studio will master plan and design the housing for the staff and their families; Shepley Bulfinch of Boston is designing the hospital.
Pre-fabricated K-6 – Passivehouse school
WAMO Studio is developing a prototype for innovate pre-fab K-6 schools. With flexible classrooms and multiple types of public spaces, these schools will be places where students develop the ability to think critically rather than just ace a standardized test.