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Architect, Vahid Mojarrab, and designer/artist, Carol Ware, are partners in WAMO Studio Architects, a firm specializing in architecture, master planning, design and sustainability. WAMO’s design reputation is based on their simple, innovative and authentic designs that manifest their clients’ dream projects.  Since its inception, the firm has pursued a rigorous logic in its design approach.  Mojarrab and Ware listen closely to the aesthetic, programmatic, financial and personal goals of the client and then begin the design process. They are fundamentally interested in the relationship of architecture with nature, the creation of a meaningful place within a site, a logical and elegant response to program, the beauty of materials and the importance of climate and environmental demands.  WAMO places an emphasis on building sciences. Central to the sustainable goals of the firm is the core belief that building sustainably does not have to mean building expensively and WAMO has built multiple certified Passive House projects with minimal cost premium.


Ware studied architecture in college, receiving both her degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island. Ware graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and again in 1985 with a Bachelor of Architecture.

The study of architecture attracted Ware, because of the interdisciplinary learning the study afforded. Academically and romantically, architecture is functional, artistic, scientific and psychological. In contrast, after graduating, Ware discovered the practice of architecture to be quite different from its pedagogy, and she moved towards sculpture and painting.  She continues her sculpture and painting work and collaborates with Mojarrab on some architectural endeavors.  They also collaborate on some art and architectural installations as well as some product and custom furniture design.


Mojarrab has over 30 years of experience in architectural design.  He has worked on projects domestically and internationally, both large and small, including commercial buildings, high-rise living towers, single family homes, affordable housing, night clubs and religious structures.  He initiated the architecture division of the development company where he worked for seven years and there he designed and built housing and affordable housing in New Mexico and Colorado.  In 2007, Mojarrab founded WAMO Studio, a small architectural design company in Santa Fe, NM.  Among other accomplishments, he won an international housing competition and received several AIA Awards.  Mojarrab partnered in MoSA, Mojarrab Stanford Architects, where he built several Passive Houses and won numerous awards.  As of 2013, Mojarrab is returning to WAMO Studio and looking to expand the breadth of his practice.

Future building technologies and green building technologies have interested Mojarrab for some time.  He has completed the certification for several Passive Houses.  He also participated in the 2012 International Passivhaus Conference in Germany and 2014 International Passive House conference in Maine. Though this method of green building is interesting, Mojarrab is equally intrigued by other low impact, green technologies which address the different needs of various clients, projects, and climates.